Grace, Miraculous Novena of

Mar. 4th to Mar. 12th

The Novena of Grace originated in Naples, Italy in 1643. A Jesuit was cured through the intercession of St Francis Xavier, who promised that those who made the nine days of prayer in preparation for the anniversary of the canonisation of the saint would receive many graces and favours. Thus the name, Novena of Grace.

Joseph, St. Novena to

Mar. 10th to Mar. 18th

St. Joseph was the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the foster-father of Jesus Christ. The novena to St. Joseph can be prayed for finding employment,
selling your house, finding your spouse, for purity, or for any other
need that you have. You can pray it for 9 days or make it a 30 day
novena to St. Joseph, either is good.


Mar. 16th to Mar. 24th

This Novena for the feast of the Annunciation is traditionally prayed from starting on March 16th but you can pray it any time. This feast is commemorating when the angel of the Lord appeared to Mary and told her that she would conceive Jesus. It’s 9 months before Christmas.


Mar. 30th to Apr. 7th

This novena prayer, although short is sufficient. It would be better of course to add, if time permits, three Hail Marys or say five times the Our Father, Haily Mary and Glory be to the Father, or to use some of the many well-loved novena prayers from other sources. Remember that prayers must be said with the lips in order to gain the indulgences. For the novenas that precede the movable feasts, it is necessary to begin nine days before the feast occurs.