Novena to the Infant Jesus

Appropriate anytime and a wonderful family prayer in reparation for Christ’s coming


O most holy Virgin,
and blessed St. Joseph,
obtain for us the grace
to perform this novena
with such attention,
and ardent charity,
a s will entitle us to join the
angels in rendering glory to God.

Let us say twelve times
the Hail Mary,
in remembrance of the care
and solicitude shown by
our Blessed Lady
towards the Infant Jesus
till His twelfth year.

Let us make three aspirations,
to incline the Infant Jesus to turn
His favorable attention
on us.

O Divine Infant of Bethlehem, Whom we adore and acknowledge
to be our sovereign Lord,
come and take birth in
our hearts.

O Infant Jesus, grant
that each moment of our lives,
we may pay homage to that moment in which Thou didst
begin the work of our

O holy Mother of Our
Infant Saviour,
obtain that we may so prepare
for His coming,
as not to be separated from
Him for all eternity.

Let us pray.

Most holy Infant Jesus,
true God and true man,
our Saviour and Redeemer;
with all earnestness and respect,
we beseech Thee,
by that charity,
humility and bounty,
which Thou didst display
in Thy Infancy,
graciously undertaken
for love of us,
that Thou vouchsafe to
grant us the favor we now beg,
if it be for the honor
of God and our salvation.

Here each one will beg
in spirit the particular
favor desired.
Pause for a short time.

O most amiable Infant Jesus,
we are most unworthy to be heard in this our petition;
but Thy holy Mother,
the Virgin Mary,
and the great St. Joseph,
Thy foster-father while on earth,
are worthy to be heard
soliciting in our behalf.
O divine Infant,
being mindful of their most
sublime merits,
especially those they acquired during the time they served Thee
in Thy infancy in Bethlehem,
Thy flight into Egypt,
and Thy childhood at Nazareth,
vouchsafe to grant our request,
and give us grace to promote the
honor of Thy
omnipotent infancy, to
serve Thee with fidelity,
as domestic servants,
all the days of our lives,
and to obtain a happy
death, assisted in that
last hour by the Blessed
Virgin and St. Joseph,
whose zeal for Thy
honor will lead us to
praise and bless Thy
divine mercies forever
and ever.


Whilst deep silence
dwelt on all things below,
and the night was in the
midst of its course,
the almighty Word came
down from its throne.

Let us pray.

O Lord Jesus,
Who didst, for the love of us, vouchsafe to reduce Thy
incarnated divinity and
most divine humanity
to the humiliating state
of birth and infancy;
grant that we,
acknowledging Thy
infinite wisdom in Thy infancy,
Thy power in Thy weakness,
and Thy majesty in Thy littleness,
may adore Thee,
a little one on earth,
and behold Thee great in heaven;
who livest and reignest
with God the Father,
in unity with the Holy Ghost,
world without end.